Transparent („invisible“) braces

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Many teenagers are happy with their regular braces as they are another symbol for becoming an adult. Most of the adults, however, prefer tooth / jaw corrections with "invisible" braces that others can hardly recognise. Based on our experience we recommend the two systems on the market that fit best for adult tooth correcions: Invisalign (transparent, removable braces) and Incognito ("lingual" braces on the interior surface of the teeth). Of course we are certified for both systems.

Transparent and removable: Invisalign

Your treatment with Invisalign doesn't happen with classical fixed braces. Instead you will wear a subsequent number of transparent, removable "aligners". Differing from the adult version there is a special version for teenagers, called "Invisalign Teen".

invisalign invisible braces, transparent, removable

Wether you want it for dinner, tooth brushing or being photographed - you can take our your aligners in a second whenever you want to.

The normal use of tooth brushes and tooth silk is still possible - different to braces.

Depending on the extent of your tooth corrections you will receive between 5 and approximately 50 custom made aligners.

With an interval of 14 days you will change your consecutively numbered aligners against the following one. So yout teeth will be brought into their final position, step by step, fortnight by fortnight. We will plan this procedure for you.

Bottom line

Aligner are perfect for small and medium jaw corrections. They are superior to regular braces regarding wearing comfort and cleaning possibilities.

Interior "lingual" braces: Incognito

Incognito braces are applied on the interior "lingual" (towards the tongue) surface of the teeth. That is why you can only see them when your mouth is opened widely. While you smile about that, these braces are invisible.

incognito invisible braces

Incognito combines optimal treatment results with a high wearing comfort. As a highly modern bracket system it is suitable for patients with any kind of tooth malposition.

Supported by the most modern digitalized technology all system components will be custom made for you. The main material is gold.

In comparison to brackets (that are applied on the exterior surface of your teeth) this system ist easier to clean.

Bottom line

Lingual braces are perfect for medium and large jaw corrections, when braces shall not be visible. As lingual braces are applied on the interior tooth surface, you can only sense them with your tongue. Speaking requires a little familiarisation, which is minimal because Incognito is constructed in an extremely flat design.

Diagnostics, guidance and treatment plan

After a thorough examination we explain to you in a detailed consultation, why we recommend the treatment method that is the best for your demands and medical situation. Subsequently we prepare your individual treatment plan. If you have a health insurance in Germany, this is called a "Heil- und Kostenplan".

Doing so we also explain to you the costs of your treatment, and which costs your health insurance will cover. The consultation and treatment plan don't cause any costs or obligation for you.

invisalign vs brackets

Your first step

Your first step for a healthy jaw and a beautiful smile is small. Ask your dentist wether your teeth are ready for an orthodontic treatment. This means: No acute parodontitis, no toothe decay / caries.

Before your first consultation please send us the completed questionnaire for adults (respectively for teenagers and children).

Just call us, email us or use our contact form to arrange an appointment and get started to your new smile!

Kieferorthopäden für unsichtbare Zahnspangen

Above: Dr. Linda Frye explains a dental impression to one of her patients