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Dr. Linda Frye, practice my-smile, Essen near Duesseldorf

Personal treatment

The best orthodontists for your demand are those who help you to reach your aims in the most comfortable way.

A beautiful smile is a basis for your gaining appeal - for your professiona career as well as for your private life. A successful dental correction solves the medical problems of your jawbone. This is the foundation for a lifelong preservation of your teeth. We help you to fulfil these objectives.

From simple to the most difficult corrections: You're in good hands with us.

"Invisible" aligners for your job

When adults / professionals need a correction of their teeth, most of them don't want braces.

Braces are fixed on the teeth for at least a year. They interfere with eating and don't allow to speak distinctly. Many people don't like their look, so they avoid smiling. For these reasons most of our adult patients prefer aligners

Aligners are made of a transparent material that makes them almost invisible. Whether you have a meeting or a phone call, you eat or you want to smile on a photograph you can just take them out in a second (more).


Holostic teeth corrections

For the majority of patients customized braces are sufficient to correct the jaw, respecrively teeth positions. This is uncomplicated and free of pain.

We can avoid tooth extractions in almost every case by applying the most modern and elegant jaw correction methods.

In more complex cases (e.g. patients with chronic pain / disorders of the jaw joint (cranio mandibular dysfunctions, CMD) we ccordinate your treatment in a close with your dentist.

Where appropriate, we collaborate with our partner network of carefully selected oral surgeons, otolaryngologists (throat, nose, ear), sleep medics, physiotherapists, speech and language therapist and Orthopedists.



Range of braces

We can offer you a range of braces for you (or your children):

  • Classical loose braces for kids
  • Classical braces attached to the exterior surfaces of your teeth, in different versions
  • braces attached to the interior surfaces of your teeth - "invisible braces" by Incognito
  • Removable transparent aligners - "invisible aligners" by Invisalign (for adults, "Invisalign Teen" for teenagers

invisible braces

Top ratings by patients

We are delighted about the wonderful recommendations and ratings from our patients at Jameda and Google!

State of the art since 1989

After having studies dentistry we specialized on orthodontics. In 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our practice! We are certified for your treatments, continue to update and upgrade our knowledge and educate orthonontists (in cooperation with universities). We are members of all relevant associations and networks.

Prerequisites of your treatment

To realize your jaw corrections, two prerequisites have to be fulfilled:

  • Your dentist accompanies the treatment.
  • Your dentist confirms that your teeth are orthodontically treatable (no severe parodontitis, no caries / tooth decay).

Consultation, guidance and treatment plan

Before your first consultation please send us the completed questionnaire for adults (respectively for teenagers and children).

After a thorough examination we explain to you in a detailed consultation, why we recommend the treatment method that is the best for your demands and medical situation. Subsequently we prepare your individual treatment plan. Doing so we also explain to you the costs for braces or aligners, and which costs your health insurance will cover. The consultation and treatment plan are without any obligation for you.

Just call us, email us or use our contact form to arrange an appointment and get started to your new smile!

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Dr. Linda Frye, Orthodontiss in Essen Kettwig near Duesseldorf

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High class orthodontist especially for adults and teenagers with little time and the wish for invisible braces you can take out any time you want.